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This kit is designed to mount the BEAMS 3SGE and 6-speed transmission in the AE86 chassis. This engine swap does require modification of the transmission tunnel, shifter hole and the bottom oil pan bracing to fit. Depending on the hood used the bracing may need trimmed. To retain the weight balance and suspension performance of the AE86 we don't use subframe spacers. This is the cause for the tight fit and the required trimming. The engine is placed as far back in the engine bay as possible.

Our mount kits are all made from high quality T-6061 aluminum. We design and load test each set made to ensure a high strength for our customers. Each piece is TIG welded in house. We have a range of finish options to choose from.

Here are some photos of fitment and details of the modifications that are needed.



This photo shows the minimal clearance the transmission has with the tunnel. To fit the engine without subframe spacers we had to use a pry bar and a hammer to massage the sheet metal where to firewall and transmission tunnel meet. Needs pushed in about 1/4" to 1/2".



Here is the positioning of the shiter. There is another modification to flip the shifter connector around and move forward another inch. This will put the shifter in a better location with less cutting involved. This is highly reccommended as the shifter will sit so far back that clearance with the parking brake may be an issue. 


The rear part of the AC mount needs to be trimmed up to fit our mounts. Normally when doing this type of swap people remove the AC pump anyways however the bracket is still needed due to the front part is used as a mounting point for the pulley tentioner.